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Welcome to Scienceonlinelondon.org, this website is owned and being maintained by David Trinidad, a well known Professor at the University of Cambridge in London, and together with his team of science professors and young educators they are maintaining this Website to promote science studies in London.

Meet the Science Wizard

David Trinidad, the Science Professor at Camridge.

David Trinidad, the Science Professor at Cambridge.

David was born and raised in London, England. He has been a solid product of the University of Cambridge and later, had his Practicum and was hired a year later as a full time professor. He knew from the start that there is a need for an established website for students or even educators who are very much interested in studying Science in London so the need for a website in a form of blog that will promote different ideas and provide information with the different Schools, Colleges and Universities that provides Science Studies in London.
The Site will also be providing an FAQ page and a support system in the upcoming future to reach out it’s visitors, it will also be providing a subscription page to provide the current and important changes and updates with this website.

Overall, the site goal is not just for the blog itself but also, to ensure that this website will served as the “umbrella” of all the other site related to Science Related Programs and Studies in London, for the site members, Students, owners, visitors and developers to interact with each other.

If you have already check some links and latest articles, it only means that you have now entered the world of scienceonlinelondon.org and we will assure you that this website will be very much updated from time to time to provide your need. We will be very much delighted if you can send us any recommendations or suggestions through our contacts page.

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