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Did you hear about these exciting medical technologies?

Health technologies are slowly becoming the part of something more than a just imaginary goal. With the advantages that come from different tech companies, medical institutions in London can improve their projects. By implementing various kinds of software that are designed to give insight into some specific areas of human health, it will be possible to treat the patients in much less time than before.

What kind of medical technologies are trending

Companies like Google, IBM or Tellspec, are working on some of the revolutionary projects that will bring together the tech world of innovations and medicine. While there are an enormous amount of different projects that are in progress, here are some of the most exciting ones.


Having a medical 3D printer at your disposal will revolutionize the medicine we know. Bioprinters will be able to “produce” living organ replacements, in their exact size. With this technology, pharmacologist will be able to test new drugs on printed liver tissue, which will change the way traditional drug experiments were performed. Several bioprinters are already produced, but they are still in the experimental phase. Organovo is the leading company in the field of bioprinting.

Food scanner

Tellspec Food Sensor has made a significant impact in the health tech community. The revolutionary effects of their food scanner will help medical staff to determine the structure of the food we’re eating. Not only that – this scanner was designed to help the average user at home, too. With this type of gadget, you will know what you and your family are putting on your table each day. You will be able to measure the quantity and the type of ingredients, minerals, and vitamins in your meal.

medical technology

Augmented reality

Although people are getting more used to the use of virtual reality in medical purposes, the appliance of augmented reality will also experience a breakthrough. What can medical facilities do with augmented reality? With the help of hologram lenses and specialized plastic hole lens, the doctors will be able to measure a glucose level from the tears. On the other side, these gadgets will be used by medical students, who will be able to experience how the medical examination will look like.

Health Tech: the future of medicine

Over the past decade, the technology was on the front step of the medical world. But today, it seems like the two were never separated. The amount of research and projects from the medical field couldn’t be possible without the technology, which is especially rewarding in cases of severe medical conditions, rare conditions, or anomalies.

health tech in london

What’s health tech bringing the medical staff

Healthtech is a term that describes several kinds of projects, which are focused on integrating biotech, med tech, and life sciences. The name reflects the synthesis of health industry and technology, and usually refers to the latest technology-based trends within the health industry.

health tech in londonThe medical staff in London, for example, can enjoy the benefits of health tech projects from various viewpoints. Firstly, the most recent tech insights that are used in building medical equipment is a huge advantage for doctors across first world countries. With the improving qualities of their research, doctors can quickly address to sensitive medical issues or the issues that were impossible to touch before. That includes performing high-risk surgeries with a better precision and greater chances to succeed or performing regular operations in much less time and with limited complications.

health tech in london

How can users enjoy the benefits of health tech

Although health tech usually brings improvements that are visible to the medical staff and researchers, the idea is to focus on the end-user experience, too. The efforts made in the domain of making the medicine more approachable to the regular users created a tech-savvy environment which improves the quality of the doctor-patient relationship.

With the possibility to get in touch with the latest trends and news from the medical world, users can get access to the information which is usually kept for a small group of people. On the other hand, the communication between the doctor and the patient is getting improved also, thanks to the several apps developed for patients. They can now quickly book their appointments or follow their medical chart and prescriptions, with the goal to make the medicine more accessible to them and to bridge the gap between the medical institutions and the patients.

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Are you working for a company or institution in the field of science, or do you want to reach the thought leaders in science online? We are looking for sponsorship partners for our Science Online London 2010 conference on 3-4 September (Fri/Sat) at the British Library in St Pancras, London. Last year, our sponsors included institutions and companies like the Royal Institution of Great Britain, CrossRef, NESTA, AAAS/Science, and BioData.

As a sponsor, you will gain exposure to key scientific bloggers, communicators and thought leaders. Given the nature of the audience, we anticipate plenty of media coverage and ‘buzz’ through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, FriendFeed and blogs. The conference is a golden opportunity to demonstrate that your company is a supporter of such tools for scientific communication, and a chance to promote your brands, products and services to an audience of passionate communicators.

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As we are all getting excited about Science Online London 2010, here is a quick wrap up of the key facts:

The conference will start on Friday, 3rd of September with the registration at 9.00 am and will last until Saturday, 4th of September, with the closing remarks given at 5.00 pm.

Conference Programme
A detailed programme including abstracts of the sessions and information on the speakerscan be found on our website.

As you may have noticed, we’re having three Breakout Sessions with several parallel breakouts. In order to be better able to plan which breakout should be in which room, please let us know which of the parallel breakouts you are most likely to attend. The survey is by no means binding, and you may still attend any session you like.

Unconference Sessions
On the Saturday afternoon starting at 1:15pm, we will hold a series of un-conference sessions. These are sessions suggested by delegates during the conference. So if you feel that there’s something missing from the conference programme that you’d be happy to lead a discussion session on, bring the idea to the conference. If you’d like to use slides to accompany the discussion, please bring them along on a USB stick. However, we can’t guarantee your idea will be picked. We will canvass for ideas on the Friday morning, hold the vote in the afternoon, and then hold the sessions on the Saturday afternoon.

Organizational Details
Science Online London 2010 is being hosted by the British Library at 96 Euston Road, NW1 2DB. Please note that Science Online takes place not in the main building, but in the British Library Conference Centre. For more information on how not to get lost, please visit the British Library website.

In the conference center there will be free access to the British Library’s wifi. There will be no password required, so you can easily go online (and make use of everbody’s favorite hashtag #solo10) whenever you like. However, we do not provide laptops, so be prepared to bring your own if necessary.

Food will be provided for, as you will get breakfast and lunch on both days. For a list of bars and pubs nearby please have a look at Timeout‘s website.

The Fringe Programme
Last but not least we have put together an exciting Fringe Programme. On Thursday afternoon, the Royal Society organizes a tour through the exhibition “The Royal Society: 350 Years of Science” (go here for more information and the signup). In the evening, we’re visiting the Diamond Light Source Synchrotron near Oxford (information and signup here). If you would prefer to just go for a drink, we’d like to invite you to join us on our pub crawl. Please check out this Nature forum for further information and drop us a line if you’d like to join in. Unfortunately it’s already fully booked, but there’s also a Fringe-Frivolous Rooftop Debatewith free drinks and discussions on the Mendeley roofterrace on Friday evening. You can still get on the waiting list on the Nature Network forum.

We’re looking forward to meeting you all on Friday!

Science Online London

How is the web changing science? Join us at Science Online London 2011 to find out. and Digital Science are thrilled to present the fourth annual Science Online London – an event dedicated to exploring the ways in which the Web has transformed scientific research and communication. The conference will take place September 2-3 at the British Library.

This year’s Science Online will bring together a global mix of technologists, data curators, science communicators and researchers to discuss issues surrounding how science is carried out and communicated online. The two day event will include keynotes talks, discussion panels, community-driven sessions, workshops and fringe events providing plenty of opportunities to learn new skills, share ideas and network with with a diverse group of attendees.

We hope you’ll join us.

Check out coverage of last year’s event on Flickr, and follow the conference on Twitter @soloconf(official hashtag #solo11).

Science Online London 2011
2-3 September, 2011
British Library
St. Pancras


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