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The Science Behind Microwaves – What’s Really Going on in There?

I was always crazy about knowing the science behind the microwaves because the microwaves heat up the food within a few minutes. The stove also does the same job but it takes some time to cook the food. And if we try to warm up the frozen food on the stove, its taste would be changed. But when we place it in the microwave, the taste doesn’t get affected at all. This reality was quite surprising to me.

And I was strictly forbidden to open the door of the microwave while it is turned on. The parents and elders told me that there are very harmful rays moving inside the microwave while it is turned on. And these rays are strong enough to burn our skin. But I was curious to know that what would happen if I opened the microwave’s door while it’s turned on.

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So, I arranged a special costume to cover my entire body, especially the face. And then I opened the door to see what happens. And nothing happened at all. In fact, the microwave went off when I opened the door. My curiosity kept increasing and I started conducting some research about how microwaves actually work.

And I have collected a lot of interesting information about this topic that I’m going to share in this article. I collected most of the information from and I would recommend this website to those who want to understand the inner features of a microwave. Here is the information about how microwaves work.

Some people believe that microwave ovens use the radio waves which is completely wrong because if it uses the radio waves, then why it is called the microwave. The name itself suggests that the microwave oven uses microwaves to heat up your food. The microwaves are longer than infrared radiation and shorter than radio waves. And they cannot damage the food molecules.

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It means that rumors about cancerous attacks are completely wrong. This propaganda is just spread by the people that want to reduce the importance of microwave ovens. There is another concept among people that microwave oven spreads the microwaves from all the four directions. But the truth is that it spreads microwaves from only one direction and the food absorbs those microwaves into it. Click Here and find some information about how microwaves work.

Materials like plastic and steel can also absorb the microwaves. Therefore, it is recommended that you should use the pots that are made of glass so that they do not get damaged. The microwave ovens are now equipped with several latest features that were not found in the old models. So, you can now enjoy a better cooking experience as compared to the past. Here is more information about how microwaves work.

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