Why London is One of the Best Place to Learn Science

feature-2Did you know that London is the world’s KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL?

London is the city of color and contrast of the ancient history and 21st century modernity. It has a history of scientific exploration and applied engineering. The city is Europe’s IT telecommunications capital. It is also home to the world’s leading learned societies, professional bodies and institutes.

London’s famous historical scientists contributed so much in our scientific modern studies nowadays. Sir Isaac Newton is known for his Newton’s law of motion and Theories of universal gravitation and optics. William Gilbert in recognition that the Earth is a giant magnet. Proposition that light and electromagnetism are related by Michael Faraday. Ernest Rutherford for his discoveries of Atom and Proton.

The famous Theories of Evolution by natural selection by Charles Darwin. William Oughtred for his “x” symbol for multiplication and giving abbreviations “sin” and “cos” for sine and cosine functions. Who could not forget, Mr. John Dalton for his contributions in our modern chemistry today. Robert Hooke also has his contribution in our modern science, he was a Renaissance and a handyman, and an expert. He composed the most huge experimental books ever composed, Micrographia, and made commitments to human information spreading over Architecture, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Surveying & Map Making, and the configuration and development of exploratory instruments. Aged 20, in 1655, Hooke’s profession took a further turn towards science. His capacities in living up to expectations with mechanical instruments had turned out to be exceptionally refined, and he secured work in Oxford as a partner to one of the founder of modern chemistry – Robert Boyle.

So here are five best list of universities where you can learn and experience and become the Science expert you want to be. The Imperial College of London, University College London, King’s College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, and Queen Mary University of London.

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